A return to Japan

There is something unexplainable that draws me back to Japan time and time again. My last visit here was in 2017. I had planned on coming back much sooner but unexpected life events changed those plans. Along with the whole world, Japan went into lockdown in 2020. Unlike the whole world however, Japan never fully reopened again until October 11th 2022.

On October 23rd, I landed in Tokyo.

The pandemic has had a big impact on the world and we are still feeling the repercussions today. I was happy to see that despite all the changes, Tokyo still had that its vibe.

I love being in Shibuya in the early morning. People are lost in their thoughts on their way to work and it’s a great time for street photography.

Next to the Shibuya Parco, there’s this little road that heads downhill. There, I found these Japanese movie posters on the wall right above a vending machine. I waited a little while and got a shot with a passing salaryman. He was of course wearing his mask.

No tourist goes to Shibuya without heading to the famous crossing. It’s a great place for people watching.

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